4 main reasons why startup companies prefer to rent warehouse studios

A warehouse studio rents out spaces for freelancers and small startup companies. These spaces serve as a startup company or freelancers’ office space or headquarters.



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A warehouse studio, such as LightSpace Studios, offers single dedicated desks for freelancers working alone. If you’re looking for desks Brisbane wide, theirs specifically include free usage of internet, coffee maker, etc.

The freelance workers who often rent a desk space include writers, graphic designers, accountants, artists, and many more. Desk sharing is becoming popular among these individuals because it gives them a feeling of being in a real office with the presence of colleagues.

If you are a startup company and have a partner, you can rent a small private studio; if there are 3 to 4 of you in your company, then rent out the large private studio. Now, if there are 6 to 8 of you in your startup company, then renting a huge private studio with its car park and street entrance is ideal.

Startup companies prefer to rent warehouse studios

You probably have heard a lot of startup companies with humble beginnings such as starting the company at their basement or garage. During the early days, it is okay to start on a garage or basement but time will come that these startup companies have to have a real office and headquarters.

Startup companies move away from their basement or garage to a warehouse studio because of these advantages:

1. Low-cost expansion

Majority of startup companies prefer to expand their business and rent coworking spaces because it is more cost-efficient than renting a typical commercial space for business operations. Renting a traditional office space requires a long-term lease contract and a few months of deposit.

This is not the case when it comes to a warehouse studio. A warehouse studio only requires you to pay the rent monthly, with no long-term lease contract.

2. Provides a professional atmosphere

With a rented warehouse studio, a startup company can function like any business that has been in operation for many years by providing a professional atmosphere. Coworking spaces also provide an area where you can meet clients instead of meeting them in your garage or coffee shops.

A warehouse studio, such as LightSpace Studios, can provide your startup company with furniture, coffeemakers, printers, scanners, high-speed internet, and other necessities needed to achieve a professional atmosphere.

3. Perfect location

Warehouse studios are mostly situated in ideal locations that are near restaurants, coffee shops, and other commercial establishments. The perfect location provided by these coworking spaces can help your business grow and have more clients.

Also, if you are involved in a business solution, you can get a handful of your first clients from your coworking workers.

4. Saves you the hassle and cost of maintaining a traditional office

Aside from all the furniture, office equipment, and appliances provided by a coworking space, renting a space saves you the hassle and cost of maintaining a traditional office. Warehouse studios are in charge of keeping the office spaces clean and orderly.

If you are a freelancer or you have a startup company and is considering to rent a warehouse studio, please visit lightspace.net.au.