Common Mistakes People Make While Printing Business Cards

Most people use a business card as a piece of marketing strategy and as the most important marketing tool. Whenever you meet a new person who you intend to do business with, you will always exchange business cards. Business cards form a great part of your first impression and therefore, it’s very important to have them done excellently. You will miss a great opportunity to make business if you ignore the nitty gritty while processing your business cards. It’s therefore imperative to make sure that you print high quality business cards like what Printers Melbourne – Minuteman has to offer. Below are 7 common mistakes business people make while printing business cards.

Very small font size

Not all people have perfect vision. Small font size can make people ignore the content and dismiss everything. While printing your business cards, it’s advisable to print a few of them and see if they are clear and legible. The larger the font size, the better for you because you will target on a larger market that includes people with poor vision and those with short attention span.

Not linking your business cards with the social media

This can be one of the biggest mistakes you make. You should always link your marketing site with your business cards. In case you have Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, include them in the business cards. Linking your business cards with social media is a great opportunity to have more followers and market your product and business better.

Not putting an address

Some people forget to put their addresses or sometimes they put the wrong/outdated addresses. This can be a very costly mistake while clients are looking for you in the wrong addresses and can’t trace you. Other business people forget to indicate email addresses and include only the phone number. Not many people will be willing to make calls especially in the initial process. They prefer using email addresses. A business card without an email address in this era lowers the company’s credibility.

Inconsistency with website design

If you have a website, a product line or a store front, include them while designing your business cards. A business card is a marketing media and there should be consistency in your brand and your business cards. You should also include your company logo in the business cards like what Printers Melbourne – Minuteman offers.

Including too much information

A business card is a means of enticement to your client. It’s not good to put your elevator pitch in the business cards. It should guide them on how and where they can find out more about your services. Avoid writing too much information in your business cards.

Missing tagline on your card

You should include a brand promise on your business cards which should be clear and compelling. A business card without a tagline is simply a contact card. Give people reasons to call you and do business with you. Let your business cards sell your product by including a persuasive punch line.

Using poor quality printing papers

Business cards will go where you can’t go. They represent you and your product, and market you in all ways. Don’t compromise on quality of your printing paper. Enquire from professional providers like printers Melbourne – Minuteman – on the best available printing papers. People will judge your brand according the way you present it. The first impression really matters which is how most business people judge it from items like business cards.

Business cards are very useful in your business. You should always carry some cards wherever you go and give them out whenever a marketing opportunity presents itself. Avoid the above mentioned mistakes whenever printing your business cards. This will give you confidence that your cards are presenting you and your services wherever they are dispatched.