Thumper Dual Battery Systems for Reliable Outdoor Power Source

With dual battery systems, camping and 4-wheel drive touring are more convenient. This is because you will be able to power up your electronic equipment without the risk of the battery running flat. The first battery will be used to power up a portable fridge, for example, while the second battery is wired into your vehicle.

With Australia being home to top camping spots, some of which are within national parks, Australian dual battery systems are more important than ever. When you go camping to any of the top beautiful campgrounds in Australia, such as the Dales Gorge Campground, Karijini National Park, WA, Dawsons Spring Campground, Mt Kaputar National Park, NSW, Noah Beach Camping Area, Daintree National Park, QLD, and Memory Cove, Lincoln National Park, SA, you won’t need to rely on the moon and stars alone to light up your way at night.

What Is the Best Dual Battery Systems in Australia?

For your next camping trip in Australia, make sure to bring a Thumper dual battery system designed and manufactured by Home 12 Volt.

Unlike other dual battery systems, the Thumper battery pack is a portable high-capacity power source. It can support a slew of power-drawing amenities that you’re likely to need and plan to bring along during your camping trip or caravan excursion.

The advantages of a dual battery system include:

  • A large amp-hour capacity that enables a dual battery system to do different things at the same time.
  • Versatility to keep a portable fridge running while charging or jump-starting a vehicle battery.
  • Ability to double as a survival kit, saving you from becoming stranded in the wilderness and in the dark.
  • A secondary power source so you don’t need to use your vehicle’s power to run electronic equipment.

But the biggest advantage is that the Thumper battery pack has a low voltage design. This means you can pair it with an ancient alternator, without limiting its performance, interfering with the charging process, or losing power.

Even with a mere flow rate of 13.6 to 13.8 volts, you would still get effective results.

Where to Find the Best Australian Dual Battery Systems

Purchase portable dual battery systems from Home 12 Volt. You can do this online or visit their retail store in Adelaide. Thumper batteries are available with a range of outlet types, so you are sure to find one that will suit your charging needs. Visit us at home 12 volt

Not sure what dual battery system to get? Speak to any of their sales associate who are more than happy to help you pick the right one for your needs.

You have the option to buy the portable Thumper battery alone or with a kit. A 50 AMP vehicle kit, for example, will include an isolator box with an in-built circuit breaker, rear junction box, twin core cable, and Anderson connection lead.

Whichever you prefer, you will have a dual battery system that you can take with you wherever you want to go and for a wide range of activities. Get a Thumper battery pack from Home 12 Volt and be ready for your next camping and 4-wheel touring. More details at

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Involving a Licensed Electrician in Outdoor Projects

While certain wiring projects can be handled by individuals themselves, it is important to ensure consulting with a licensed electrician when undertaking major projects. Outdoor projects are among those which are best left for a professional Gold Coast electrician to handle as an example. Knowing when and who to approach for such tasks can have significant implications in the outcome attained.

Subscribing to Electrical Codes

It is vital for someone to be aware of the local and national electrical codes applicable before undertaking any electrical operations in a building. These codes lay down the exact specifications for materials along with providing guidelines for how work processes need to be handled when working outdoors. Wiring that is outdoors gets exposed to moisture and temperature. Using materials like switches, fixtures and cable fittings customized for indoor usage can lead to excessive wear and shock hazards. The electrical codes specify very well what kinds of materials need to be applied.

Professional electricians ensure following the directions laid down clearly about procedures and materials for wiring a home both within and on the outside. It is always a prudent matter to ensure that service providers are licensed to perform electrical work before hiring them.

Consulting with a Qualified Electrician

Many exterior electrical projects require engaging a competent and licensed electrician. Call in professionals when handling anything with which you are unfamiliar or if having a major electrical project. A Gold Coast electrician can handle a variety of projects on behalf of clients as follows:

Outdoor Kitchens – The project in this case may include overlaying a stone fireplace built outside the home. It could also involve a full outdoor kitchen having appliances, electricity as well as water and gas lines. Utilizing a seasoned electrician would ensure that all tasks are performed according to codes applicable to each project-part.

Underground spas and pools – Adding pools, spas, hot tubs and related features oftentimes involves a joint effort in-between designers, landscapers and pool contractors. These professionals work in harmony to ensure the lighting applied within a pool remains safe and gets installed according to the laid down code. Pools, just as with an outdoor kitchen can prove expensive to both install and maintain. One need not pay the pool contractor just to redo shoddy electrical wiring.

Building a Patio, Porch or Deck – Mounting a flood-light onto a house to illuminate the patio might be handled by a homeowner safely. That said it becomes necessary hiring a qualified electrician the more the lights utilized in the arrangement. An experienced Gold Coast electrician for instance possesses the expertise that is required for mounting a ceiling fan safely. Such a task involves putting the lighting in place as per international building codes as well as local regulations governing outdoor illumination along with proper stairway-illumination.

One ought to consider the numerous advantages of seeking for help from a licensed electrician as spelt out above. They can advise you on all your electrical needs and ascertain doing a given task to professional standards of delivery.

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Factors to be considered while purchasing LED light strips

Light emitting diodes or LEDs are becoming quite popular for home decoration and lighting. In comparison to the halogen and incandescent lights, LEDs have a slew of benefits that include lesser use of electricity, low heat production, long lifespan and easy control and programming ability. As the LED lighting strips are quite durable and resistant to shock, these lights can be used in a variety of ways, including strip lights. Purchasing LED strip lights appears to be a straight forward task, but it is important to consider the below given factors to understand what will suit the needs of every buyer.

·        Types of LED light strips: These days, a plethora of LED light strips is available on the market. Some of them are fully coated that are better suited for areas like kitchen and bathrooms as they are generally waterproof and shock proof. Aluminium panel LED light strips are apt for areas like walkways. Some popular varieties of LED light strips which are easily available on the market are rigid LED light strips, encased flexible strips, rope strips, LED ribbons and self-adhesive LED light strips, etc. These days, one can easily find LED strip lights for specialized use; such LEDs are programmable.

·        Length of the strip:: While purchasing the LED lighting strips, most of the people forget to consider the length of the strip. It is very important to look at the amount of LEDs in terms of length. Ideally, one should always look for the light strip that possesses the highest amount of LEDs per foot.

·        Brightness of LED strip: From the last few decades, LED technology has witnessed some significant improvements. Now even the small diodes are capable of producing much brighter light. The brightness is often measured in ‘lumen’. Therefore, one should always check the amount of lumen of the product before placing the order.

·        Color of LED lights: These lights strips come in a wide selection of colors; not just that, even the strips can change the color. The most basic types of LED strips are “non addressable’ which usually emit a fixed color of light. These light strips can be easily installed and are cheap to purchase.

·        Color temperature: Color temperature is a very different factor. The temperature indicates the warmth and coldness of the light.  The daylight LED strips are widely used in bathrooms and for outdoor applications, whereas the soft white and cool white options are preferred for hallways, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms.

·        Wattage of LED strip lights: Another crucial factor that buyers should surely consider is wattage. It is important to enquire whether the power outlet can meet the energy demands of the LEDs or not.

The ultimate wrap-up

Buying LED lighting strips is not at all a difficult thing until the buyers know what they are looking for. The key to buying a perfect LED strip is to be sure about the application and the area restriction. It is important to know about the options available for installation, color and power demand. Take a look at Dan Hadley Adelaide

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Signs You Should Take Your Computer to the Nearest Service Centre

Computer concerns are among the lots of scenarios that any homeowner in Tamworth needs to look after every day. When your computer system will break down or simply reveal that you need computer repair work, there is no notification that informs you. If your work relies mainly on a computer, a computer problem can impact performance specifically. That is why you need to visit Tamworth computer repairs centre to have your computer checked.

tamworth computer repairs

Calling any Tamworth computer repairs expert is the instant thing you ought to do if you recognise any indication of breakdown. Here are computer breakdowns that might trigger total damage if not dealt with right away:

1. The Operating Systems Stopped Working — Viruses can harm your computer in a fantastic method and they enter your computer through incorrect e-mail accessories, downloaded programs, and other installed programs. While some viruses can encrypt files, others erase them. Incompatible drivers also trigger operating system failure. Incompatible drivers keep your computer from booting. Taking your desktop or laptop to a Tamworth computer repairs service centre is a great way to fix this concern. Their experts can look for the problem and suggest the next possible steps.

2. Motherboard Issues — There are no moving parts in a computer motherboard. This means it does not stop working quickly. Damaged solder connections and bulging capacitors are some of the issues a computer motherboard can have. Voltage spikes, pressure, age, dust, and smoke are understood to trigger motherboard issues. It is excellent to get quotes of various computer repairs Tamworth has today so as to understand the one to pick if your computer has a motherboard issue.

3. Power Failure — Most computer systems experience power failure issues. If your computer stops working to power on at all, this can be a problem. When you take your device to computer repairs in Tamworth, you will be advised to purchase a new power supply or a new battery. If you are not proficient, you should not look into these damages yourself. Those with knowledge in computer repair understand the best ways to search for basic indications such as getting too hot, no bootup, electrical or smoke shock, tough and lock-up disk noise to verify power issue.

4. Hard Drive Failure — Hardware failures are difficult but numerous disk failure is most likely the commonest hardware issue computer owners experience today. All the moving computer parts ultimately stop working if the issue is not dealt with early. To prevent hard drive failure, you must prevent moving the computer while a great deal of information is being moved. In accordance with a lot of service technicians with large experience in computer repair work, indications of hard drive failure consist of excess heat, regular mistake messages, regular crashes, unattainable files, loud scratches, sluggish reading and clicking sounds.

The above are typical situations when you have to take your computer to the nearest service centre. You do not need to wait up until the computer has actually crashed and lost all your files. Supporting your files at all times is extremely important. Consulting experts ins computer repairs whenever you discover any problem with your computer can save you the aggravation of seeing your computer crash. To find the best Tamworth computer repairs service centre, kindly visit today.

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Fiber Optic Cables: Making Things Faster & Better

Fiber optic cables, such as West Penn cables, are preferred amongst telecommunication sectors. Fiber optic cables use light pulses instead of electric pulses to supply and communicate details data transfer that is sometimes above typical electric systems. Thus, if you need some, you should buy only from reliable suppliers.

Fiber optic cables have totally transformed the networking market. Given the boost in the quantity of details generation as well as usage, the speed of relocating those information has actually wound up being crucial. That’s where fiber optic cables, such as West Penn cables, wind up being the best selections.

west penn cables

Here are a couple of the uses of fiber optic cables.

Surfing the web

With practically half of the populace online, utilizing the internet has in fact grown immensely. With a great deal of info to share at any kind of given time, a high-speed link was truly required.

With fiber optic cables moving information at practically the speed of light, they became the preferred option for internet information transmission. Advances in developments have made optical fiber a lot more cost-effective compared with copper wire.

Calling someone

If you hear a clear voice of the person on the other side of the phone, then say thanks to the fiber optic cables for that convenience. Making use of fiber optic for interaction, you could connect with even more individuals much faster and also with marginal disturbance. Optic fiber cables, especially West Penn cables, are unsusceptible to any electromagnetic disruption. See more at 3D HD Gear

Efficiently doing jobs

Companies call for a high quantity of details relocated from one computer system to another in genuine time. Fiber optic cables are wonderful for moving a high amount of data. Thanks to globalization, servers from numerous countries need to be connected for a fast and efficient conclusion of jobs. Fiber optic cables, especially the West Penn kinds, aid companies to achieve this objective.

Mechanical check-ups

Fiber optic cables at 3dhdgear are also utilized in the mechanical field. They can analyze locations which are difficult to reach for robotics or individuals or. This technology is similarly made use of by pipes in checking pipes.

Fiber optic is an ever-evolving innovation and these are most likely to expand considerably in the following decades. Many developing countries are embracing this development for their financial development.

Medical usage

Fiber optic cables play a vital feature in medicine as well as research study area. Using optical fiber, a dazzling light is utilized to illuminate the dark areas in the body. Thus, the minimising the number and size of cuts is now feasible. This has really made medical treatment less intrusive with faster recovery. Just recently, these are furthermore being made use of for microscopy.

These are just a number of advantages of using fiber optic cables. Countless benefits of fiber optic cable can lead to greater ROI. They are used rather of steel cords because of fiber optic cables’ efficiency.

With the higher demand for fiber optic cables, it has ended up being a better choice for various markets. If you are seeking fiber optic patch cables, you can buy West Penn products here:

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Cable Labels – A Must have for Identifying Cables

When there are a number of equipment connected through a bunch of cables, it becomes very difficult for the user to identify the particular cable for each of the equipment. There are only a limited number of colours in which the cables are made, and for convenience the users bunch the cables together. But when one of the machines has an issue, and it has to be attended to or that particular machine is to be disconnected and repaired, it is virtually impossible to segregate and remove it. Or if the machine is to be shifted to another place, the connecting cables have to be removed. Only a cable label can solve this problem. But this is a specialised line of making marking systems and labelling exclusively for use with cables and wires.

Cable Label

Different Materials Used for Making the Labels

The labelling on wires or even the larger sized cables is a little tough, because the cables run through places uncomfortable to reach. Some are run below the table or through a corner of the wall and the cable labelling has to take care of this aspect while making the markers or labels. The labels come in different materials from high grade plastic to even metallic labels. Stainless steel is the metal generally used by the cable labeling manufacturers. They could come in plain tags in two or three tags in one sheet, and the user has to buy a label printing machine to print out the labels and stick them on to the cables and wires. You can buy pre-printed labels also for affixing on cables where there are specific and familiar applications, like a typical telecommunication network or a large workstation. In these cases, the machines connected are generally known and the pre-printed wire labeling helps in fixing the machine with the labelled cable and identifying the wire in any bunch.

Cable Labels also come in Different Sizes as Well

Since the wires and cables are of different sizes, the labels also come in different sizes. Some of the labelling systems include plastic ferrules. The ferrules are supplied with pre-printed letters and numerals. The user can buy the ferrules and use them on the cables by sliding them to form the letters and/or the numerals, as the case may be, to mark the individual cable or wire.

While ordering the cable label, you can first find the range and the types of labels being made and sold, and then order the ones you need. Where the requirement for the cables and tags can vary, and you will have to print them out each time, you can order for the printable labels and the printing machines as well. These are usually small machines, and can be programmed to print the labels. They can print on plastic and other materials as well.

There are also cable labelling applications, in cases where the cables could be in hot or corrosive conditions. While the outer sheath of the cable could be rated to bear the conditions, the label material may not be as good. In such cases, another sheath over the cables is provided. These sheaths are made of fire proof material.

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