Factors to be considered while purchasing LED light strips

Light emitting diodes or LEDs are becoming quite popular for home decoration and lighting. In comparison to the halogen and incandescent lights, LEDs have a slew of benefits that include lesser use of electricity, low heat production, long lifespan and easy control and programming ability. As the LED lighting strips are quite durable and resistant to shock, these lights can be used in a variety of ways, including strip lights. Purchasing LED strip lights appears to be a straight forward task, but it is important to consider the below given factors to understand what will suit the needs of every buyer.

·        Types of LED light strips: These days, a plethora of LED light strips is available on the market. Some of them are fully coated that are better suited for areas like kitchen and bathrooms as they are generally waterproof and shock proof. Aluminium panel LED light strips are apt for areas like walkways. Some popular varieties of LED light strips which are easily available on the market are rigid LED light strips, encased flexible strips, rope strips, LED ribbons and self-adhesive LED light strips, etc. These days, one can easily find LED strip lights for specialized use; such LEDs are programmable.

·        Length of the strip:: While purchasing the LED lighting strips, most of the people forget to consider the length of the strip. It is very important to look at the amount of LEDs in terms of length. Ideally, one should always look for the light strip that possesses the highest amount of LEDs per foot.

·        Brightness of LED strip: From the last few decades, LED technology has witnessed some significant improvements. Now even the small diodes are capable of producing much brighter light. The brightness is often measured in ‘lumen’. Therefore, one should always check the amount of lumen of the product before placing the order.

·        Color of LED lights: These lights strips come in a wide selection of colors; not just that, even the strips can change the color. The most basic types of LED strips are “non addressable’ which usually emit a fixed color of light. These light strips can be easily installed and are cheap to purchase.

·        Color temperature: Color temperature is a very different factor. The temperature indicates the warmth and coldness of the light.  The daylight LED strips are widely used in bathrooms and for outdoor applications, whereas the soft white and cool white options are preferred for hallways, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms.

·        Wattage of LED strip lights: Another crucial factor that buyers should surely consider is wattage. It is important to enquire whether the power outlet can meet the energy demands of the LEDs or not.

The ultimate wrap-up

Buying LED lighting strips is not at all a difficult thing until the buyers know what they are looking for. The key to buying a perfect LED strip is to be sure about the application and the area restriction. It is important to know about the options available for installation, color and power demand. Take a look at Dan Hadley Adelaide